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Welcome to True Grime Fighters, where we turn the battle against dirt and grime into a fun and victorious adventure! With our top-notch power washing services, we bring a whole new level of sparkle and shine to your surfaces.

At True Grime Fighters, we are more than just a power washing company. We are a team of passionate heroes armed with cutting-edge equipment and a mission to vanquish every last trace of grime from your property. Our skilled technicians combine their expertise with a touch of superhero finesse to transform your surfaces from dull to dazzling.

Our Testimonials

Satisfied Clients

Thanks so much for the awesome job you guys (True Grime Fighters) did, really appreciate it and I will pass on out satisfaction with your services to others!

Jeff - Fredericksburg, VA.

Skyler - Fredericksburg, VA.

I want to say how impressed I am with True Grime Fighters. The company was able to help me with my home needs and did a terrific job. We had really bad algae grime on the side of our house that doesn't get alot of sun. He was able to get everything sparkling clean! We are moving and life is a little hectic. True Grime Fighters came to the rescue and made everything stress free Thank you!

I asked True Grime Fighters to come by and clean up my sidewalks and fences.  I thought they were a little dirty.  But I had no idea how dirty, stained, and tired everything looked after 25 years.  When True Grime Fighters was done, my property looked cleaner and fresher than it has in decades!  Definitely choose them to clean up your property, you won't regret it!

Scott - Aldie, VA.

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